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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is time I ask for direction.

I cannot recall a time when I've felt more lost than now.  Everything I once knew so well seems so hazy to me.  My passions, my escapes... they've become nothing more than motions I go through.  The drums that I used to hit with such energy and fervor lay stacked in my garage, collecting dust.  The guitar that I've so often strummed, muted by lack of touch.  Work is a unwelcome part of the day.  And the weight of my thoughts make each step I take heavy with burden.  For the longest while, it has been as so.  For the longest while, I've been astray.

It has taken up til now for me to see.  It has taken the strong, gentle words of a loved one to pry open my closed heart and closed mind.  I told her I was lost.  She told me it was time for me to ask for direction.  She told me find Him...

I've drifted a ways from my faith.  I wasn't feeling lost.  I was lost. I may still be right now, but at least now I'm looking for the light that will guide me back.

....I told her I see Him working in her.  Thank you.


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