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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Week 2: Into the Whale's Vagina.

Forgive me if the word vagina may have offend you or mislead you, but I needed a good attention grabber for a title.  Anywho, continuing on with this summer of happenings and adventures, week two of summer provided a lot of good things:  good food, friends, family, debauchery.

6/20 Monday

  • My little cousin David flew in from Arizona for a little visit and my youngest sister's hs graduation.  Took him out for some late night eats and just good ol' southern california hospitality. 
6/21 Tuesday

  • Got off of work early to celebrate the little brat's hs graduation.  So I went to have Taco Mesa's Taco Tuesday with Sailor Hobson.  All I have to say is GOOOD FREAKING CALL SKIPPER!  Great tacos for $1 each.  So good.  Now, back to my sister's grad...SHE DID IT. SHE MADE IT.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!  Again, congrats to her :]  Did the usual family-celebratory-dinner-at-a-buffet thing.  

6/23 Wednesday
  • Spent the day after work with the cousin.  Took him out for some sushi at Full Moon, nom nom nom.  Um... oh and went on a late night run with the STDR.  

6/24 Thursday
  • Last day of work at Newport Heights CDC.  It was a sad day.  I had a real good group of coworkers and a great boss, you guys will be missed!  Also, Thursday was a Goat Night.  It was supposed to be Goat then.... back to Ethan's for power hour... but 5-6 pitchers in, Thursday was... just a Goat Night.  Also, we had a good crowd out.  Fro's friend's from LA came out and his buddy Josh came out.  Good company, good times.

6/25 Friday
  • Had a free Friday to enjoy.  Slept in... planned to go spend a day at the beach at 10 ish... which then became noonish...which then became 1 ish... which then became after Ethan and James got finished at the gym (4:30ish).  Needless to say, the beach plans fell through, thanks to a collaborative effort from everyone, though most of it by my poor planning.  Ethan and I ended up with a new pair of boardshorts though... so not all was lost.  Went home early to get some sleep to prep for Saturday.....

6/26 Saturday

  • Saturday was a rugby day. 7's rugby to be exact.  And what a good day of rugby it was (minus the waking up at 5:45 to drive to San Diego part). Got to SD around 8 am and found out the tournament, Oasis 7's was running on rugby time, typical (for those of you who do not know what rugby time is, it's kinda sorta like Asian time... except possibly more unpredictable?).  Anywho, found a deli that served AMAZING sandwiches (we went back twice more during our time at the tourney).   Did well in the tournament especially considering we had one day of practice for it.  Left Oasis 7's sunburnt and sore.  Then headed towards Gaslamp district to enjoy a good night.  Now, rather than describe what happened coherently, I'm going to go about it just naming significant details:  Sailor Jerry. Lots of it. 2 a.m. burger.  pizza box walking down the street. Went in a club and had shots of Honey Jack.  Went out of club more drunk.  Went into another club/bar. walked out.  got lost looking for a 7/11.  3 guys one small bed.  Something like that.... just a good good time.  

"Scissor me, Xerces."

The Godfather @ Chris' Deli
The Maritime @ Chris' Deli

6/27 Sunday
  • Had breakfast at City Deli in Hillcrest, SD.  Went home and just had a Lazy Sunday Funday.  

Week 3 is gonna be good -Philly wedding and 4th of July baby!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's to remembering good times.

This summer, for whatever reason, I feel, needs to be a summer of fond memories, good laughs, and just a lot of shenanigans.  So, for the sake of reference, I'm going to try to document every sort of little adventure/highlight that happens each week... it'll be kind of like a visual resume... kind of (also, I figure blogging once a week would be more feasible than everyday...since I have blog commitment issues to begin with).  Anywho, here's week one:

6/13 Monday -

  • Homebodied.  

6/14 Tuesday

  •  Lounge chairs and beers on the "porch" of the Camino house.  Chili night & Inception -MAN NIGHT

6/15 Wednesday

  • Goathill.  Brews and bros.  always a good time.  also, it has been tentatively established that there is a formula for a good time there -in order for optimum fun, a bearded mexican looking very much like zach galifinakis, a sexy, sexy persian man looking like a member of LMFAO, an asian fellow with facial hair and large posterior, and a caucasian person (male or female) must be in the party.  Also, at least 4 pitchers of beer and 2 large baskets of peanuts (the "t" is silent) needs to be present.

6/16 Thursday

  • I discovered music artist Rachel Platten.  Following my discovery I bought her album on iTunes.  To be honest, I bought the album based solely on her how absolutely cute she looked in a music video of hers.  After the fact, I realized I did enjoy her music.  

6/17 Friday

  • U2 Concert @ Anaheim Stadium.  Good music. Family.  Enough said. j

6/18 Saturday

  • Beach day with Rick, Fro, and Allison.  Checked out the tide pools.  Late in the night, some Silky's with the company.  Low key. But good.

6/19 Sunday

  • Happy Father's Day!  Pho day with the family.  The rest, a lazy Sunday.  Not too shabby for Week 1.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hope is found

I just finished reading some stories about how rescuers in Japan have been finding survivors under the most unlikely circumstances. I read about a four month old baby that was found, still alive.  In all of the darkness and suffering caused by the quake and tsunami in Japan, stories like these are a welcomed light.  Instances like these birth hope.  And in events like this, a little hope goes a long way.  

My prayers to Japan and its people.  


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is time I ask for direction.

I cannot recall a time when I've felt more lost than now.  Everything I once knew so well seems so hazy to me.  My passions, my escapes... they've become nothing more than motions I go through.  The drums that I used to hit with such energy and fervor lay stacked in my garage, collecting dust.  The guitar that I've so often strummed, muted by lack of touch.  Work is a unwelcome part of the day.  And the weight of my thoughts make each step I take heavy with burden.  For the longest while, it has been as so.  For the longest while, I've been astray.

It has taken up til now for me to see.  It has taken the strong, gentle words of a loved one to pry open my closed heart and closed mind.  I told her I was lost.  She told me it was time for me to ask for direction.  She told me find Him...

I've drifted a ways from my faith.  I wasn't feeling lost.  I was lost. I may still be right now, but at least now I'm looking for the light that will guide me back.

....I told her I see Him working in her.  Thank you.