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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's to remembering good times.

This summer, for whatever reason, I feel, needs to be a summer of fond memories, good laughs, and just a lot of shenanigans.  So, for the sake of reference, I'm going to try to document every sort of little adventure/highlight that happens each week... it'll be kind of like a visual resume... kind of (also, I figure blogging once a week would be more feasible than everyday...since I have blog commitment issues to begin with).  Anywho, here's week one:

6/13 Monday -

  • Homebodied.  

6/14 Tuesday

  •  Lounge chairs and beers on the "porch" of the Camino house.  Chili night & Inception -MAN NIGHT

6/15 Wednesday

  • Goathill.  Brews and bros.  always a good time.  also, it has been tentatively established that there is a formula for a good time there -in order for optimum fun, a bearded mexican looking very much like zach galifinakis, a sexy, sexy persian man looking like a member of LMFAO, an asian fellow with facial hair and large posterior, and a caucasian person (male or female) must be in the party.  Also, at least 4 pitchers of beer and 2 large baskets of peanuts (the "t" is silent) needs to be present.

6/16 Thursday

  • I discovered music artist Rachel Platten.  Following my discovery I bought her album on iTunes.  To be honest, I bought the album based solely on her how absolutely cute she looked in a music video of hers.  After the fact, I realized I did enjoy her music.  

6/17 Friday

  • U2 Concert @ Anaheim Stadium.  Good music. Family.  Enough said. j

6/18 Saturday

  • Beach day with Rick, Fro, and Allison.  Checked out the tide pools.  Late in the night, some Silky's with the company.  Low key. But good.

6/19 Sunday

  • Happy Father's Day!  Pho day with the family.  The rest, a lazy Sunday.  Not too shabby for Week 1.

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